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What’s better: custom vs template website?

By Daniel Nguyen Creative Director

If you’re an Australian based business, chances are that over 80% of your potential customers will ‘Google’ your business.

Just in the way that people judge a book by its cover, people today will form an opinion of your business based on the presentation of your website. It is important to maintain a professional standard and create the image you want for your business by building a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website.

So then poses the question for many business owners: should I go with a custom web design or a template website?

Custom Web Design

Let’s look at the advantages of having a custom web design:

1. Search engine friendly

There’s more to a website than you think. Web developers use special coding to make your website more search engine friendly and easier for your clients to find you.

2. Sophistication and uniqueness

Your website will be tailored to the needs of your business. This means that your website will be unlike any other.

3. Suits the personality of your branding

Your web developer will get a feel for what your business is about and what key messages you wish to convey to your audience. It ensures that all your branding is consistent so you can promote your business for years to come.

4. 100% flexible and ability to scale project

With any business, it is subject to the ebb and tide of change. Custom web designs are adaptable to suit the requirements of your current budget. Your web developer will take into consideration the future projections for your business and incorporate different web technologies to suit your needs.

Template Website

Here are some of the benefits of having a template website:

1. Low budget solution

Template websites are great for startup businesses whose budgets may deter from building a custom website.

2. Shorter development time

It does not take that long to set up a template website as all designs are right in front of you. It is a quick and easy solution for startup businesses.

So should I choose custom web design or go with a template website?

There are many aspects to consider before making the decision between a custom web design and template website. The internet is inundated by websites and it is easy to get lost in the big tangled web. How do you make your website stand out?

Although template websites are much nicer to your pockets, the disadvantage is that they are generic in design and layout. In comparison to a custom web design, a template website has limited functionality and are often dated in a short time span.

You will still have to go back and modify your template website, which will incur more of your time, which ultimately is your money.

Custom web design is an investment with long term benefits. It really comes down to how serious you are about your business.

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