“Healthy Everyday Pets by Pete Evans is a brand synonymous with quality pet food that you know is good for your best friend.”

Sarah Abou Raad – Marketing Manager of Healthy Everyday Pets

Project Overview

Healthy Everyday Pets wanted to create a beautiful and functional website to showcase their new range of pet food. The website needed to be user friendly and allow pet lovers to easily place their orders online, which would be delivered Australia wide. A unique feature requirement is the ability to have orders repeated on a set frequency so that customers would never be without food for their fury friend.


The Solution

The website design and layout was focused around the concept of a friendly yet attractive looking store at your local super market. This was achieved through the use of vibrant colours, which stems from the product range itself and flows into the various design elements throughout the site. The unique photo arrangement of Pete Evans with his fury friends was a major design consideration which highlights the cheerful character behind the brand and reinforces the bond between pets and their loving owners. The E-commerce platform was connected with Paypal and the E-way gateway to provide customers with easy payment methods.

The Result

The overall website for Healthy Everyday Pets has brought about much delight from customers and has resulted in them achieving their sales targets within the first 3 months of launching. The vibrant colours and visuals combined with well thought out layouts ensures that the site is not only beautiful but also highly functional and easy to use.


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