“Our aim is to make your properties stand out from the crowd. We strive to create immaculately beautiful spaces and give people that immediate wow-factor when they walk through the door!”

Jeanine Michel, Owner of The Styling House

Project Overview

The Styling House has had a great presence within the North Shore regions, but were wanting to expand and develop stronger client relationships around the Hills District. They also had acquired all of their work through direct relationships and via word of mouth referrals. As a result, the main goal was to create a mobile friendly website that would provide them with great online presence for future marketing efforts. The look and feel of the website was to reflect its services in an aesthetically appealing manner.


The Solution

The overall look and feel of the website is a symphony of sophistication, modernity and a reassuring sense of class. The minimalist approach to the design was chosen to make the overall experience for the user simple and easy. This approach also made key elements to stand out over others. The font types and font weight were also carefully selected to compliment the overall design, but also, to provide consistency in aiding an exciting, stress-free user experience.

The Result

The simple design of the website was to reiterate the ease of use of the site, but also not to overwhelm the user with too many elements on the page. The necessary interactive elements were used with purpose; to reinforce some form of action for the user to take. The clean look marries well with The Styling House as a brand, as it demonstrates prestige, class and sophistication.


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